Lift Chair Recliners

Necessity they say, is the mother of all innovations and nowhere else is it best manifested than comfort furnishings at home like the Lift Chair Recliners. Cushy and relaxing, these chairs are the ultimate marriage of convenience and necessity. It is, therefore, important to understand the functioning and the need for a Lift Chair Recliner.

Need For Lift Chair Recliners

Essentially designed for individuals with limited mobility and quite similar to a recliner in many ways, its unique ability lies in helping users to slowly stand-up. This is especially useful for those just recuperating from a surgery, suffering from arthritis or other neurological ailments. With the help of remotely operated buttons, this mechanism helps a patient gradually gain confidence and at the same time not stretch the weak limbs too much or too long.

In that way, these chairs are almost a necessity in many houses and are known for the instant help and relief their users easily associate them with. The ease of getting up is its biggest advantage and the Unique Selling Point of this comfortable innovation that is increasingly becoming a more common feature across homes.

Types Of Lift Chair Recliners

The variety of choices is quite extensive when it comes to buying a lift chair recliner. From natural to synthetic, a wide range of fabrics and textures are employed to give you the maximum comfort and best purchase value.

Leather Lift Chair Recliners

This perhaps is one of the most popular options. Classy, easily adaptable and usually available in neutral colors, the demand for leather lift chair recliners never ebb. In one shot, you get both class and comfort in your living room.  Their stately build, the lustrous texture and the undeniable appeal are able to withstand the challenges of changing trends and tastes of consumers over a big period and from one generation to another. Ease of cleaning and maintenance is another big positive for leather and a primary reason why users prefer these to the fabric ones.

Fabric Lift Chair Recliners

From cotton to synthetic, from somber beige to electric blue color, the variety of choices in fabric is often jaw-dropping and gives flexibility to the buyer. He can match it with their existing décor without making too many changes or adding too many elements to integrate this new buy into the overall design theme of the house and not let it stand out like an eyesore.

Pros and Cons Of Lift Chair Recliners

Buying a lift chair recliner requires a tidy sum and the marketplace abuzz with many views on the positives and negatives of these wonder chairs. It is very important to understand whether a particular piece will be helpful or not. So what are the big positives of these chairs?


•    Gives a sense of security to the user, especially when they are recovering from an ailment and have low self-confidence or are unsure about getting their bearing back.
•    It takes out the struggle that a patient undergoes in standing up from a sitting position.
•    Gives an easy movement option to many patients with mobility issues
•    The massage option on many of these is an added advantage and often helps a patient after rigorous physiotherapy session.


•    There are concerns that continued use of these can often result in the leg muscles weakening further complicating problems for the user.
•    It is not advisable for patients with cognitive issues as there is a risk of them sliding down.
•    The high price makes this a medical buy rather than a design one.

What To Watch Out Before Buying

But all said and done how can you be sure if the chair that you are investing in is best suited to address your needs and can help you provide maximum comfort? Here is a quick look at some of the factors that you must watch out for:

Position Option

The lift chair recliner is available with several position options.

•    2-position Chair: As the name indicates it gives the user the option of two positions. You can either choose to sit up straight without any elevation of the foot or recline partially with the foot elevated.
•    3-position Chair: The scope of options is slightly higher in this one. Users can either choose to sit up straight without elevating the foot and two types of reclining positions, one suitable for reading and the other one for sleeping. This kind of napping or sleeping posture can help ease lower back pain and tension in. The lift up one is an added benefit.
•    3-Position Chair With Infinity Position: This kind of lift chair recliners normally has the option of dual motors if the users need. The maximum variety of reclining positions is available in this one, with a sleeping option and a lift-up one too.

Advantages Of Dual Motor Option

That brings us to the next point, the big advantages of a dual motor option and why exactly is it a consideration at all. A lift chair recliner with two motors helps you control the footrest and the back separately and independently irrespective of each other. This helps users in sitting upright and yet keeping the foot rest elevated. A chair with a single motor option does not have this facility.

Types Of Cushion

The cushion options are quite varied, again catering to the needs and demands of various customers.

•    Overall Cushion: These variants have a uniformly comfortable cushion cover with each part providing maximum possible relief to the user.
•    Back Cushion: The chair seller will perhaps be able to guide you with the best type of option. For example, arthritis patients would be more uncomfortable with horizontal rolls while some chairs give the patient flexibility to remove or fill cushioning as per individual needs.
•    Extra Support: Some people might need additional neck support, while others would need lumbar cushioning depending on the ailment they suffer from. While buying, be very specific on the actual need.


Buying a lift chair recliner needs careful consideration and a look at multiple factors before deciding on the right one. Maximum attention needs to be paid to the patient’s specific needs for best results.