Power Recliners

The need for comfort and class is transcending all boundaries. In keeping with the growing furniture trends and need to support the demands of a broad cross section of consumers and living spaces, power recliners are now big on comfort but slimming in size and prices. Increasingly, the recliners are trying to pack in maximum possible features to give the consumers as much value for money as possible.

The rut in the overall housing market and the sluggish consumer trends have forced recliner manufacturers to innovate and pack in more power. This is perhaps what led to the inception of power recliners, the other name for maximum comfort at minimum price, a classy living room addition at half the price of your grand dad’s old broken down variant. The emphasis on sleeker and economical versions has led to the rising demand for it not just in plush and huge living rooms but also smaller flats and modest houses.

One key factor that has helped in bringing down cost is the innovation and advancement in reducing the size of the electrical component. But not just that, another factor that has played a crucial role is our changing living styles. High definition TV, home theatre systems and super quality sound systems have necessitated the availability of comfort to match these gadgets. After all, you cannot watch a film in high definition sitting on a straight back chair, you need your comfortable recliners and that bowl of popcorn to fully enjoy the cinema-like experience at home. Just HD TV or home theatre sound system or merely a theatre room in your plush house would not suffice. You need infrastructure to support the vision, bring it to reality and give that ultimate theatre type of ambience at home.

Leather Power Reclining Sofa

Especially the needs of these home-based theatres have necessitated the innovation of the many avatars of power recliners. One common and much in demand is the ‘leather power reclining sofa.’

Not only does this enhance your comfort and convenience, a leather power reclining sofa also adds class to your living room décor. Over a point of time, leather furnishings have come to represent a superior choice. A classic approach coupled with inimitable sophistication is what easily gets associated with your décor and becomes a unique style statement on its own without too much of embellishments.Coronado Leather Power Reclining Sofa

Modern day innovations have also made it possible to make leather a lot more exciting furnishing component compared to the previous generation where it was the representation of a formal, serious and sober décor. Today, not only do you get color variations but also print options in select leather upholstery. This not only helps in breaking the monotony but also lends longevity to the power recliners. Given the price that is being paid, a leather power reclining sofa is always a better value for money. Also, an advantage of the sofa option is that more than one person can take advantage of the reclining facility at one go. It is useful especially when you organize a special screening of a favorite movie for friends in your theatre room or perhaps for those special evenings meant only to be spent with your spouse.

Leather’s adaptability and flexibility as a medium is also a huge reason for its popularity. Be it a plush décor or a minimalist look, a retro style of home décor or modern furniture, whatever your style might be, it is never too difficult to team up a leather reclining sofa with the other furniture in the room.

Power Recliner Chairs

A more formal version of the recliner, these chairs are more common for office set-ups and lounges with a relatively bigger pull for the corporate and the high flying jet set consumer group. Be it for longing comfortably in your office or catching up with the news as you await your flight or even trying to make the new batch of trainees you recently recruited comfortable, these types of chairs are the ultimate option for all those trying to marry comfort with convenience, style with indulgence, formal with fun and adding warmth to the cold office atmosphere.Power recliner chair

You also have the option to team up these power recliner chairs with your home furnishings in a way that creates a small niche to entertain official guests or even a small gathering of friends where individual comfort becomes the primary focus for the host who is trying to put everyone at ease.

Also, even when you come back from a hard day’s work, unwinding in these chairs could also be both satisfying and hugely comfortable. It gives you the energy and the strength to rejuvenate and get set for all the responsibilities at home.

Power Reclining Loveseat

If you can take the power recliners to the next level, it is perhaps this avatar that can be termed the latest and newest innovation of an old and classic piece of furniture. Just how many stories have you read about the hero/heroine curling up in their favorite loveseat or the many instances when your idea of relaxation is nothing more than spending hours in your luxurious recliner. What happens when you marry the recliner and the loveseat? Spoilt by comfort and self-indulgence is what you and your guests achieve sitting in these.

Yes, you read it right, the power reclining loveseat not just adds more comfort quotient in your living room sitting arrangement but also makes you experience the ultimate luxury right at home.


Keeping in mind the widespread demand for these unique and comfortable sitting options, managers are at pain trying to add value further to your comfort quotient. Many have even come up with 5-year warranties to make the buy lucrative. Innovations like cordless battery units are also developed with the ultimate aim of enhancing comfort and convenience of consumers.

Another interesting feature that is being constantly enhanced is the alert system to ensure that you do not get trapped in a dead recliner and dealing with dead batteries becomes relatively simpler.  Just go ahead, add power to your reclining experience!