Small Wall Hugger Recliner

Looking For A Small Wall Hugger Recliner?

Small wall huggers are recliners that will be able to fit in small spaces such as boat houses or apartments. It is not ideal to have a wall hugger recliner in a large home for it is not built to be placed in larger homes. It will give comfort while also being able to fit and accommodate a small home. Small homes or spaces will not be able to fit larger recliners and couches due to its small size however the wall hugger will be a great addition to a small home space. These recliners are so compact that they will be able to fit in RV and mobile homes as well for comfort. The wall huggers will come in a number of different sizes from 25 inches to 30 inches wide depending on the size desired. Along with this size it will require 2 to 3 inches of space from the wall in order to allow it to be able to recline back while sitting.

These recliners will also come with swivels in order to allow the free movement of the chair in the room or location. It will offer the rocking aspect allowing a person use this as a rocking recliner and standard recliner to add more comfort. Leather is in fact an option if one wanted to purchase this seat with the leather material or it could use vinyl or any other type of fabric wanted by the buyer. Wall huggers can also come in doubles rather than only having one seat available for purchase as a person could buy a double recliner. The double recliner will offer the ability for two people to sit together rather than just one. There are also recliners that will add different components to a recliner offering the option to have a tray along with the recliner that will allow a person to have an eating or computer area connected to their recliner. If one does not require a swivel, tray or any other added benefits to their small wall huggers then there are many standard models available to be purchased.

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