Small Wall Recliners


There is nothing like coming home to one of those small wall recliners and putting your feet up. But finding one, that is the harder part. Finding one that costs under $5,000 is even harder. Most small wall recliners are supposed to last for a good few years, 8-10 years, to be exact. So, how can you find one that fits your budget and style and come out happy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Be sure it’s the right fit. Think of it like putting on a pair of shoes. The style and look are important, but the comfort is even more essential. Sit in it. See how it feels. Don’t just look at something from afar and say, “that’s the one.”

2) What about the frame? Is the frame going to hold up. Did you know, the non-moving parts are the first things to go? Check the underside of the recliner. Look at the screws. Are the durable and sturdy? Are they going to fall a apart within the first five minutes? Don’t be taken for a ride by the gimmicks. There are gimmicks like “all-wood construction.” This is just another way of saying “low-quality presswood.”

Check with the salesclerk for clarification. Investigate everything about the recliner.

3) Does it come with a really good warranty or guarantee? Most warranties come with a 3 year time period. There are other that come with less then that. It’s up to you. But the best choice is three years. If anything happens, they are the ones responsible.

4) Will it move well? What if you end up redoing the house and you need to move it around? Will you be able to? This is a question for even the smaller ones. The smaller ones will move better. The wall recliners save about six inches of space. Consider your moving options when looking to buy.

When buying small wall recliners, consider the above options and you will make the right choice. Take control of your money and comfort.