Wall Hugger Futon

A wall hugger futon is still in a lot of cases the go to piece of furniture for those difficult spaces where your main goal is comfort and functionality. Over the last several years they seemed to loose some popularity with some consumers and gained in popularity with other.

The main attraction to these unique pieces of furniture is functionality. When they are extended from their upright position, they act as a true wall hugger. This gives you the opportunity to save on precious floor and walking space while still having a comfortable piece of furniture.

The mattress or cushion of a wall hugging futon is something that should take a little extra consideration. Even if when you purchase you opt for the standard cushion, you have the opportunity to improve on it once you get home. Some consumers have added a nice memory foam topper to their mattress to make sure they have a little extra comfort. Of course with most consumers purchasing a futon that will mostly be used by a younger group, optimal comfort is not often the goal. A futon can be a great addition to a game room or even a guys television room.

Remember to take thorough measurements when it comes time to buy your wall bugger futon and it will deliver the exact comfort and space saving walking space that your unique space requires.