Wall Hugger Storage Ottoman

So you are looking for a unique solution for storage in a challenging or small space. A wall hugger storage ottoman may just be your solution. This unique storage ottoman was designed just for this purpose. As you well know, storage space is often at a premium no matter the size of your home or space.

This can often present quite the conundrum for some people. The purpose of a wall hugger storage ottoman is so that you can lift the lid and store what ever you need to and it can remain flush against the wall. The designers have achieved this mainly with a certain type of hinge. The unique type of hinge allows the lid when lifted to move inward towards the inside of the ottoman instead of away from the ottoman which then would cause the lid to push against the wall. This action in turn pushes the ottoman away from the wall and into the walk way.

These great storage devices can be found in many types of material. They are very popular in leather. They can also be easily found in many types and colors of micro fiber. Not only are they great for storage, but they also become an additional seat or usable surface during a game night or party night.

Rest assured that if you are need of storage or extra seating without wanting to sacrifice walking space, then consider a nice leather wall hugger storage ottoman to handle exactly what you may be looking to achieve. Happy decorating.