Zero Gravity Recliners

Comfort knows no bound, and this is one single catalyst that has inspired many innovations in home furnishing for centuries. One of the best examples of this is the recliner. From the Victorian plush fabric mega chairs to the modern, sleek streamlined zero gravity recliners, they have seen it all.

Yes, zero gravity recliner is perhaps one of the most recent innovations aimed at bringing you the ultimate comfort, convenience and relaxation experience as you recline in your favorite corner at the end of a hard day. Not only does it guarantee comfort, but also good health and it’s often recommended for many suffering postures and related problems.The Novus Zero Gravity ReclinerNow, what does zero gravity mean? Don’t be confused thinking it is some kind of device that will enable you to float or one that can alter the gravitational configuration of the room it is placed in.

So you might then ask, why the name zero gravity? Well, that is because it mimics the position that astronauts are in while bracing their bodies to deal with the additional stress of tackling zero gravity situation. Hence, these recliners are named after them.

Key Features

One of the unique features of this type of chair is that it allows the body weight to be evenly distributed through the chair. As a result of this unique way of weight distribution, the body relaxes and the user feels a sense of relief and comfort.

It comes in various textures starting from fabric to leather and many other synthetic alternatives to provide both an extensive range and cater to different demands, needs and production specifications.

Inflatable lumbar back aimed at maximum comfort coupled with latest massage techniques to bring maximum comfort to the user comprise of some of the primary features that might tilt a bias customer towards buying one of these chairs.

As it is suggestive in the name, the original concept driving these zero gravity recliners is derived from the concept that NASA developed to provide maximum comfort to astronauts as the body made the difficult switch to a zero gravity area and at the same time ensuring that the crew did not suffer any damage as a result of these exercises.Zero-Gravity Chair Recliner

In short it is an ideal combination of comfort, health and convenience that can be moved anywhere as per the user’s choice and ease of use.

They are extremely easy to use without too many complicated user manuals and easy operation techniques.

Benefits Of Zero Gravity Recliners

The obvious question or concern that follows next is the health advantage of such a high tech recliner or why exactly does it makes sense for you to own it.

Relaxation Of Neck & Back: The zero gravity recliners ease the pressure points across the neck and the back and enables the spine to relax in its natural posture. Through the day, because of long sitting hours at most workplaces, the natural S-shape of the spine gets compromised into an unnatural C. As a result of this it is subjected to immense gravitational stress, which causes a myriad of back issues. By eliminating the force of gravity and keeping the legs elevated, these chairs look at providing maximum comfort within the given means.

Relief to Muscles: When the body rests at zero gravity position, one of the biggest gainers are the muscles. Through the day, they are subject to numerous stress-strain cycles as a result of posture problems. When finally you relax in that position, the muscles get the much-needed chance to relax and rejuvenate after the routine pull and push of the day.

Eases Pressure On Your Heart: If you always thought that posture issues only bothered the back then you are mistaken. It is surprisingly overwhelming how the stress can impact the heart as well. The “zero gravity” position is also relaxing because of the increased blood flow and the direction of that flow. It enables a relatively easier inflow of blood into the heart, which in turn is effortlessly distributed throughout the body, thereby guaranteeing complete rejuvenation.

Beneficial for Lung Expansion: Another lesser known benefit of a zero gravity recliner is the impact it has on your lung movement. As stated earlier, this chair eliminates any pressure on the spine. This in turn enables the lung to expand a lot more and easier. When both the lungs are able to expand completely, more air enters the body and uplifts every other body function, making you feel recharged with the oxygen boost.

What To Remember While Buying?

Verify Claims:  As it is true with all expensive purchases, you need to ensure that whatever you are getting is worth all the money you would be investing in it. Ensure that the chair you are buying has actual health benefits instead of just a positional similarity. Many manufacturers call their chairs zero-gravity falsely only because of the position that the chair has not conditioned of how the user who would be sitting on it feels.

Check For Your Body-type: Most of these zero gravity recliners are designed for average body weight and build. Before you buy one, it is wise to ensure that the particular model you chose is ideal for your body type and you do not feel uncomfortable sitting on it or in any way increases the stress instead of relieving it.

Frequency Of Use: Another factor to consider before you commit your money is how often would you use the zero gravity recliner that you are buying. If you have plans to make it a permanent fixture in your living room, office or fitness studio, ensure that you buy something that justifies both the cost and the frequency of use.

Warranty Cover: Like all other furnishing fittings, it is obvious that your zero gravity recliner will undergo some wear and tear and would need some bit of maintenance at regular intervals. Therefore check for what is covered and what is not in your guarantee and try and ensure you get the maximum benefit.

Portability: There are many beautiful variants available in the market place, but some of these need to be fixed on a permanent basis and can’t be moved around too much. Weigh all the pros and cons before making the final choice.


A zero gravity recliner can be a great asset if the right type and relevant manufacturing details are taken care of. It not only enhances your comfort, but works towards eliminating the stress of work to a significant extent.