Wingback Recliners

The very mention of Wingback Recliners brings to your mind the image of those heavy set grandfather chairs draped in upholstery standing tall or should I say crouching comfortably in front of the fire in the family room.

Well, these chairs have come a long way from their old form and are seen in multiple avatars in recent times. From contemporary to classic, minimalist to traditional, the types and range are huge, given the shift in décor themes and styling aesthetics that dominate the current furniture décor world.

History of Wingback Recliners

There are some types of furniture which are heavily influenced by the past and have a distinct vintage flavor to it. Perhaps nothing better represents this fact than the Wingback Recliner. Essentially an easy chair with wings on the sides or rather on the back of the chair in a way that the head rests in a comfortable fashion, these chairs have also been popularly known as fireside chairs. Most period dramas and depiction of the 17th and 18th century England seem almost incomplete without these heavy-set wing recliners resting in front of the fireplace and the protagonist sitting on it.Savannah High-Leg Wingback Recliner

Thus like most other classic furniture, this one too had to thank the human necessity for its origin. It was designed in a way that the heat generated from the fireplace can be easily trapped and also protects those sitting from sudden drafts of wind.

Wingback Recliner Chair

This classic has been recreated in many forms in its modern avatar. Perhaps one of the most commonly seen and used. Essentially a recliner or an easy chair, it does not look like one at the first glance. It is a modern innovation on the classic masterpiece that aims to bring in grandeur even to a constricted area, especially for small rooms.

It not only saves space, is affordable but also gives a contemporary style element to the entire living room set up without too much of an effort. Many a times in giving them that niche modern look, wood is replaced by metal and the heavy legs are often traded for sleek. Attractive metallic legs and these chairs would give you the option of recline without eating up space or obstructing the way or view for those occupying the other seats around in the room. Often the introduction of metal and streamlining of the design converts these chairs to modern looking comfortable chairs that then turn into multipurpose house décor options and can be even incorporated into official lounges.

Lane Wingback Recliner

Lane is known for its range of mid-priced, reasonable quality furniture across US. Reclining furniture, though a relatively recent addition to its lists of amazing furniture made for home use, has gained popularity essentially on the basis of the degree of comfort they provide. Given the price range and the availability of options, it is one of those value deals that most Americans would not like to miss.

There are many advantages of a Lane Wingback Recliner. Primarily though the kind of lumbar support they provide and the design innovation within the construct of their classic form that is easily available at Lane is what attracts customers the most. Also their innovations which beautifully act as a bridge between the classic and the contemporary, modern and traditional easily fit into most types of home décor themes.

Essentially neutral in styling, this is one piece of furniture which will not force you to change everything around it. Rather it is that one thing that easily brings together most other elements into one unifying harmonious symphony. Of course, it does help that they are available in both upholstered fabric and leather avatars. Last but not least important of all, it is known for its durability and sturdiness as well.

Leather Wingback Recliner

Any talk about wingback recliners would be incomplete without the mention of their leather versions. Leather continues to be not just a classy option but almost the last word in terms of making a statement, opulence, luxury and the absolute aristocracy. Nothing quite portrays glamour the way a leather upholstered one can…stately, poised, contemporary, and chic all at once.

What is absolutely great news is the kind of range and variety that leather throws up currently. It is no longer the somber brown or the dull black. From electric blues to startling whites, leather today has almost become synonymous with better aesthetics, brighter combinations and an absolutely unmissable collection of unique, statement-making collection of classic recliners recreated with a modernistic zing and contemporary class.

Warmth and coziness are the other two absolutely undeniably important aspects of a wingback recliner that is enhanced with the use of leather upholstery. So, if you are planning to recreate that special little corner in your house, go no further for the right start.

Wingback Recliner Slipcovers

When we are discussing recliners, the slipcovers used for these are another key issue. Not only do they go a long way in determining the final look of the chair but many a times it could often be the reason why even the most basic of designs might come across as very special or unique one. Slipcovers, if not chosen correctly, could even turn a beautifully crafted piece into a boring, dull or absolutely ordinary piece. Thus choosing the slipcover is no easy business.

The stretch cover is by far the most popular one in fabric upholstery. It is a one piece cover usually made from a blend of cotton or even softer versions of polyester and spandex. Their best feature and primary appeal lie in the durability of these materials and the ability to look like new for an extended period.

It is very simple to keep these slipcovers clean with easy maintenance and care options. They are well tailored and are available in a huge range of colors and prints to suit your changing needs and the house’s décor themes.


Today a wingback recliner is not just about grandeur but also a telling statement on the overall fashion trends in the world of furniture. Your choice could pretty well determine how you fare in the world of furniture styling and the innovations that might drive the basic construct of your furniture styling.

It would not be incorrect to conclude that it is one of those marquee furniture items that can actually set the theme for your entire house décor. Recreated in many modern forms, they are perhaps one of the long-standing icons of the golden era gone by and the designing brilliance of our ancestors.

Unlike a lot of other furniture, it inevitably turns into the piece de resistance of any room that it is placed in and with the intelligent use of fabric, color and style it can easily enhance the overall get-up of your living room. Its contemporary avatars are also very scientifically constructed to provide you with maximum lumbar support, just the right place to relax in after a tiring day at work.