The benefits of a Wall Hugger Reclining Sofa

You have finally decided that your family needs a wall hugger reclining sofa. Fantastic, you have made a great choice. The reason so many families are making such a choice is not limited to just aesthetics. In today’s world we are also looking for both comfort and functionality.

The benefit of a wall hugger reclining sofa begins with your floor plan. We know that a lot of homes and spaces today just do not have as much space as homes of the past. So you want to make sure that not only does your family have the ability to recline but also when they do recline, that you still have room to walk. A neat feature of this type of sofa is that it can be placed as little as two inches from the wall. The reclining mechanism works as such to lower the back straight down and kick the foot rest outward. This is most import when the sofa is not reclined. It allows you to simply have more walk way through your space.

There are plenty of reclining sofas on the market. Most of today’s choices will also come in a leather reclining sofa or a micro fiber reclining sofa. Once you have found the look and style you are going for to match your décor, take your time and make sure that the wall hugger reclining sofa that you choose is from a top manufacturer so that it will bring many years of comfort to you and your family.