Wall Hugging Recliners

Wall hugging recliners are quickly becoming that “it’s my chair” piece of furniture. What I mean by that is whenever we go to someone’s house, especially a family member, they are either already in their chair or they direct you to the couch. That is because wall hugger recliners are a space saver as well as a really comfortable place to sit.

The reason people love wall hugging recliners so much is because they are very comfortable and they don’t take up any extra walk space. In a lot of homes designed and built today, as well as older homes or condominiums, they just don’t have a very well thought out floor plan. Homes that were built several years back were not designed for how we live today. They often have very small blocked of rooms with little walking area. Now we all like our comfort and conveniences. This means a comfortable chair.

The great thing about the small space recliners is that they can places usually just a few feet from the wall. Or even placed in a bedroom or office. When they are reclined, the back and feet slide out away from the wall instead of into the wall. This allows for more floor space when not reclined and the home owner a lot more options when it comes to decorating and creating a comfortable space. If you are challenged with a unique floor plan, go ahead and consider a wall hugging recliner. It will certainly be the right choice for your design and comfort.