Wall Saver Recliners

Wall saver recliners are quickly becoming the go to piece for those looking for comfort in a difficult space to accommodate. A lot of homes as well as condominiums that have been built in both recent and earlier years were not designed with the furniture in mind. These recliners offer a great option.

When a wall saver recliner is placed in the reclining position. It works in a way that the back does not go to far back as to scrape or bang the wall behind it. This allows for more walk way around and in front of the recliner. Other recliners often need at least 8 or even 10 inches of space in order to recline. They still offer the traditional 3 reclining positions. If you would like to be adventurous you can consider a new modern power recliner as well.

There are several very good manufacturers that have taken these recliners to the next level. Lane Furniture is well known for not only well made sofas, but also for very well made affordable reclining furniture. Bassett, Lay-Z-Boy are two other of the leaders of this type of recliner.

When you are ready to add comfort to your den or family room and you are challenged for walking space, you should certainly consider one or two very well made wall saver recliners.